How to Get Free Sweepstakes Entry Online?

Call it a rollercoaster ride! Being panicky about what you see on the internet is natural. Of course, you can’t trust each and everything that comes to your sight. Similar is the case with online sweepstakes; you never know who the fraudulent is. Well, if you wish to win bumper prizes, online sweepstakes are the best option you have in the pocket.

It all depends on your luck, from a movie ticket to massive prizes, you can win all if the fate is with you. A legit sweepstake website is a golden key that unlocks your luck.

Easy ways to find reliable sweepstakes

It’s the era of internet, just make the most of it! Your eagle eye will help you here, make sure that your eyes are open and you don’t miss a single advertisement related to giveaways. Better to do your work on your own rather than asking someone else to find the online sweepstakes for you. You can select the best sweepstake by diving deeper into multiple online sweepstakes websites.

How useful are the online sweepstakes directories?

Reliable sweepstakes directories are of much help. You quickly get information about different sweepstakes floating in the cosmos of the internet. Sweepstake directories contain a list of trustworthy online sweepstakes. Moreover, the sweepstake websites give you complete information about the giveaways.

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Make sure that you go for an updated directory so that you easily get to know about the active sweepstakes and expired sweepstakes.

Finding a trustworthy directory is the real task. Well, don’t worry we are here to lend you a helping hand. Are you ready to discover the ways of getting free sweepstakes directories? Let’s find out the undiscovered.

The Balance’s directory

Once you enter into the cosmos of “The Balance,” expect nothing but a plethora of winning advices. It offers you the free newsletter. Moreover, you get to see the filtered list of best sweepstakes. Since The Balance offers you a bundle of sweepstakes, you can go for the one that gives you free entry to sweepstake.

Sweeties’ Sweepstakes

Its name speaks for it! Just like its name, it offers you sweet surprises of free sweepstake entries. You can go through this directory; it possesses a list of best online sweepstakes to enter. Try your luck; maybe you are just a step away from a life-changing surprise.

Contest Girl directory

It is justified to call it one of the best sweepstake directories as it maximizes your chance of winning by offering you with the best listing. You can read the community notes if you are new to the game. It gets updated on a regular basis; you can mark your free entry in various sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes Lovers

This sweepstake directory has gathered appreciation from plenty of individuals and it is entirely free. But be careful while entering into a sweepstake here as you don’t easily get to know whether a mentioned sweepstake got expired or still exists.

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Complimentary surprises

Many websites offer you complimentary sweepstake entries when you purchase their product or service. You don’t need to worry about the authenticity here as those websites offer you a legit entry.

Twist in the game!

Here comes a real twist! What if you get a winning deal? That’s true; the same winning deal is being offered by “Call me Loco.” It is exciting to receive free sweepstakes entries just by purchasing airtime. Call me loco is offering you the same deal, a deal that can’t be missed!

Free Online Contests And Sweepstakes: All You Need To Know About!

Persistency is the element which pays you off in the sweepstake. The sweepstake is a contest where prizes were given to the winner and you can win if you do entries in every single day. There’s a lot of online contests and sweepstakes running every day, but there are scammers all the way who do online fraud sweepstakes and grasp the attention of people to their sites.

Many times for people winning a sweepstake is like a dream comes true, but sometimes it also becomes a nightmare. Sweepstakes sponsors instructs that everyone has a same chance of winning as it’s in the guideline too, to motivate people. Everyone cannot participate in sweepstakes there are some restrictions like age range, residence, affiliation or gender, etc. Typically players make some mistakes while doing entries to the sweepstakes which they are not supposed to. Here we are listing some critical point which everyone had to know before getting enter to the contest.

  • Identify the difference between sweepstake, contest and lottery before getting into it. The sweepstake is a contest where a person will receive prize without any charge; the contest is win prize by doing something better than others while lottery raises money by selling tickets.
  • Equal dignity is given in the online contests and sweepstakes as people go and buy many pins and tickets just to raise the chance of winning while they have to understand that it’s not based on this theory.
  • Don’t allow everyone to enter in your promotion as there’s scamming all the way. We need to put efforts to convince that sweepstakes offerings are legitimate and no scammer is involved in grabbing attention and taking your prize. Get the most trusted sweepstakes promo code!
  • Always go through the rules before entering into any contest, sweepstake or lottery. People don’t care about rules and regulations and get into it. At the time of winning or scamming they got aware of rules and then it’s too late.
  • Don’t change rules once promotion begins as it’s a violation of the rule and illegal act. And if, you made any changes in rule than consult an attorney before doing it. Make sure that law is on your side to save yourself from the issue of sue.


Sweepstakes directories pull together all trustworthy sweepstakes on one website so that you can find it easily. Sites give you information about prizes, tell the rules, regulations and provide information about eligibility. Everyone has to know about trustworthy directories before entering into sweepstakes. Prevent your typo information from the sponsors like street address, contact number and email address. Get chances from sweepstakes but don’t use them all as using less opportunity improve the profile. Give sometime regularly to the entries as it gives broad range and helps to win more. Check emails regularly and phone calls as if you miss any it will lead to losing the prize.

3 Legit Ways To Enter Sweepstakes Online!

Scammers all the way! In the loggia of sweepstakes, people get hitched by the golden offerings. Little they are aware; scammers do it on purpose to hitch the attention of people. There are multiple online scams in the alley to enter sweepstakes online. You need to keep your eyes open so that you don’t get caught in the web of fraud online sweepstakes.

Folks put in efforts to convince you that their sweepstakes offering is legitimate. Mostly, online sweepstakes are a hoax; scammers try their level best via telemarketing and golden offerings to grab your attention and ditch you.

An authentic sweepstake always has a set of official rules. People are least bothered to pay attention to those rules and just see the golden spoon. Now, it’s the time to pay attention to whether the online sweepstake has a set of well-defined official rules or not. There are multiple ways to enter sweepstakes online that have quite vague rules. Now, just because an online sweepstake has mentioned official rules, it doesn’t speak for the authenticity. The identification of authentic sweepstake is that it has clear official rules, like eligibility criteria, prize details, etc.

Right now, there must be waves of question inside your head. Well, you don’t need to stress yourself. We are here to tell you the most legit ways to enter sweepstakes online.

Sweepstake directory

Not all sweepstakes directories are authentic, but yes two sweepstake directories “The Balance” and “Online” have a list of trustworthy sweepstakes. It offers you the free newsletter and you get to see the listing of authentic sweepstakes.

The above two directories are useful and only shows the list of those sweepstakes that have well-defined official rules so that you don’t get trapped in any scam.

Make sure that it doesn’t ask for your credit card info

The way to know whether a sweepstake is authentic or not, see if they ask you for your account number or they ask your credit card information. If they do so, just run away, close that website immediately. The chances are that they will steal the information and you will be in debt afterward.

Moreover, many times, scammers shoot you with emails that contain lots of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. You can quickly spot the poor spelling and grammatical mistakes. If you get such a mail, just turn the deaf ears; as a legit sweepstake will never shoot you with fishy emails.

Get the complimentary offer

The best way to enter into an online sweepstake is via different promotions being offered by brands. Many companies offer you a chance of winning a sweepstake when you purchase their product or service. Like, there is an ongoing fantastic offer of “Call me loco – Best online sweepstakes for money.” It is offering you a chance to win sweepstake when you purchase airtime from them. Such a deal cannot be missed, Grab it before the deal ends!