Ask our mascot, Loco the Monkey and he will tell you why our International Long Distance Phone Time is so much better than calling cards of the past. Yes, they’re still for sale in many markets all over the USA, but they are country specific and Loco will tell you we’ve leaped way ahead of them.

CALL ME LOCO vs. Calling Cards:

When you buy a calling card at the store, you will have to choose the specific country and sometimes even a specific region within that country that you want to be able to make calls to. This can mean having to purchase multiple cards at different rates and this is a logistical nightmare!

Calling cards can be easily lost or stolen. Replacement is not possible, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good and so is your money. Or if you don’t have your calling card with you when you need to make a call, you’re stuck. Long are the days of keeping all of your cards in your wallet or purse. With Call Me Loco now if you want to make calls you have everything you need right in your cell phone, safe and sound.

Call Me Loco’s Phone Time is global and you can make calls

anywhere & anytime throughout the world. That’s right, Loco can make a call to Mexico today and use his remaining phone time to make a call to India tomorrow and the Philippines next week. We make it easy to keep in touch with family & friends.

We understand and care about your budget and are always searching for the best rates, to save you and your family money. And Loco does NOT monkey around when it comes to saving money. Plus if you lose your calling card, you lost your money.

They make great family gifts too! Give them to your friends and family so they can stay connected too! Loco’s family looks forward to his gifts to them every year. Loco, is a good monkey.